I try to follow the guidelines set for healthy eating but it is so much food. this is what i eat everyday usually. and i am 5’5 103lbs 20yrs old and female. I go to the gym everyday, i lift 3 days a week, cycle 3 days and run 3 days with some light yoga and pilates.
Breakfast:1/2 c old fash. oatmeal with 1 c soymilk and 1/2 c blueberries, 1tbs flax seed and a 4 egg white omelet with spinich, tomatoes and pepers. Mid morning i will have either some fruit or vegetable with cottage cheese or string cheese and maybe some almonds. Lunch is a whole wheat wrap with no sauce just veggies and turkey with a cup of homemade lentil soup and piece of fruit. In the afternoon i will have either some fruit and a prot shake if i lifted weights or i will eat the cottage/cheese veg mix with carots and celery. at dinner i have tons of veggies with no sauce and chicken or fish. i try not to snack before bed but if i do it is either dairy/soy nuts/or veggies. But isn’t that alot to eat?

actually you are doing good keep it up seems like a lot but its healthy and by you being an athletic person it evens out good luck!

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